Pre-Natal fitness

Our prenatal fitness classes are a combination of cardio and strength training at a low to medium level of impact. The classes are designed specifically to help with your ever-changing body and focuses on improving strength, flexibility and balance. This class will help you stay energised and strong during your pregnancy and will help with your endurance during childbirth and postnatal recovery.
These classes can alternate with the prenatal yoga classes. 


• 8 weeks for $140

Soon to be moms

Pregnancy can be the happiest time in a woman's life. You start to make big changes on how you eat and habits you have, we are here to help you get strong for the birthing process and help your body bounce back quicker by strenghtening the pelvic floor and stretching out any aches and pains you may feel.

For additional support, we also offer coaching from the 2nd trimester to the end of the pregnancy to help you through this amazing process.

Prenatal yoga will help alleviate back pain, swelling, fatigue, leg cramps and other aches and pains during pregnancy. Along with learning poses that will help during labor and manage contractions, you will learn breathing methods to help during labor and pelvic floor and core strengthening. We may use some hand weights to get a little more strengthening to help carry those baby seats.
These classes can alternate with the prenatal fitness classes.

• 8 weeks for $140

Semester 2 and 3
Fitness and pelvic floor strengthening training as well as support with any questions you have at this time. You receive on-call support once every 4 weeks to check in on your progress and unlimited email access. We will also do a live Q & A session once every 4 weeks to answer the top 10 questions.

Holistic Childbirth Classes
Can’t get to classes in your area or feel more confortable working out from home, this class covers items that will help you just before and during the birthing process and how your partner can help support you through this time. Classes are offered online at your convenience, over a 4 week period.

End of pregnancy
The first 3 months with baby are an adjustment and we are here to support you with everything from breastfeeding to pelvic floor issues.

• 2nd and 3 trimester with childbirth class $600
• Childbirth class $150
• 2nd to end of pregnancy with childbirth class $1100

Pre-Natal yoga

Personal coaching