New mom program

This class is designed for new moms who have just had their baby and are not yet able to do a traditional work out. It will help you get stronger from the inside out by helping you connect with your core and pelvic floor again, if you choose to we can test for diastasis recti before you start the class.


  • 4 weeks 1 class a week $60

Post Natal

During these classes, children of all ages are welcome to come, babies can be worn during the class just to make the workout just a little more challenging and to make them more comfortable. Our classes are a full body workout, starting with low impact we will get you to a high impact level very slowly and will work by building on your fitness level and how long it has been since you had your baby.
The workouts involve cardio, muscular strength training, pelvic floor strengthening and core work.
To join the class you must be 6 weeks post vaginal birth or 8 weeks post c-birth, please have your Dr or midwife must fill out the ParQ form.

Come and get fit outside, this class will help condition and strengthen your muscles and build your cardio. We use tubing, weighted ropes, park benches, and the play area in the park.
Bring your older kids they can play in the park safely beside you. You do not need a particular stroller for this class.

• Drop in class $20

• 4 weeks of 1 class per week $60

• 4 weeks of 2 or more classes per week $70

Stroller fitness

Something for baby, something for you

Personal Coaching

After having a baby, you may have incontinence or diastasis recti. We help you improve your core and pelvic floor, so you don’t have to use those Tena pads.
Because a little bit of pee is not ok, if we do need to get you a bit more help as well, we can refer you to a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

The first 1/2 hour is spent learning massage or itsy bitsy yoga techniques to help your infant. The second 1/2 hour is spent learning how to strengthen your pelvic floor.
Please bring a large towel and oil for the massage class. We like olive oil it is natural
and non allergenic.

• 4 weeks $60 for either massage or itsy bitsy yoga see schedule for choice
• 8 weeks $120 and get both massage and itsy bitsy yoga

We offer a personalized excercise plan, focused on your goals and flexible to fit your schedule and as a bonus we are able to provide you support online so it doesn't matter where you live we will be available you help you reach your goals.