Yoga for menopause

Yoga can help support the different transitions a woman's body goes through during her
You will go through different postures that will help relieve insomnia, indigestion, fatigue,
stress and strengthening the pelvic floor to help with incontinence.
This class will alternate with fitness for menopause as well please check schedule.


• 8 weeks $140
• Also available online

Menopause won't slow you down

New to our class selection we will be offering both inclass and online training. The online training which includes strengthening your pelvic floor as well as ditness training and meal planning.

With your ever changing body while going through menopause maintaining a fitness routine
can help. We do exercises that are specific for the different areas of change in your body
and help strengthen them. So you will core stability, balance, flexibility, posture and stronger
pelvic floor.
The cardio and strength training you will do will help with the decrease musculoskeletal
complications, boost morale and mood and help with weight gain.
This class alternates with the yoga for menopause as well please check schedule


• 8 weeks $140
• Also available online

We offer a personalized excercise plan, focused on your goals and flexible to fit your schedule and as a bonus we are able to provide you support online so it doesn't matter where you live we will be available you help you reach your goals.

Fitness for menoapuse

Personal coaching